Wednesday, August 26, 2009

That ole' twin connection

I have often wondered when I read twin mags or other twin blogs and they talk about this "twin connection" that their twins have. The C's didn't develope this unique connection until recently. Okay, they have always had this thing about not being able to slep well without the other and the need to touch every so often, but this physic seeming connection where they know what the other wants or is soooo in tune with the other, has just recently come to light.

For instance-they play the same imaginary games! I mean seriously, is it just having another person right there that totally gets you, or is it more? Their favorite game-doggy. Colton pretends to be a puppy and crawls around barking and panting, while Connor says "See my puddy". It is downright adorable.

Or the cookie thing (that is what I call it, some may simply call it sharing). Connor gets a cookie, and has to take one to Colton too. Will not leave until either his brother is right there getting a cookie or I give him one to carry to him.

Another one is their sippy cups. If I tell one to go get his cup, he gets his brothers and takes it to him before he comes back to me with it.

Okay so maybe these are not the "connections" other parents see. More a show of how caring my C's are towards each other. Who knows? I will be on the lookout though for ever elusive "twin connection"!

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