Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Prayers

There are so many babies out there that need prayers. Whether they are twins or not. Sundays are dedicated to those babies.

Little Stellan needs prayers. As does his mommy and daddy. Stellan is about to undergo an abalation on his heart due to severe SVT.
*update...since planning this post I am beyond happy to report that God has blessed the doctors over Stellan's case with insight, and have developed a new drug regiment that is so far controlling the SVT, and have been able to put the abalation on hold until he is bigger. Praise the Lord!

Little Gia is suffering with Neuroblastoma, and needs so many prayers. They are having a hard time controlling her pain, and the doctors are not very hopeful that she will make it through this new relapse. But I know a Great Physician that is more than able to ease Gia's pain, and give these doctors the strength to find a cure! Please keep Gia in your prayers. She has fought for sooo very long.

Praise the Lord!!! Yes, praise Him. See this one little boy is about to celebrate 1 year since he underwent cord blood transfusion. Visit Ethan and his family praise the Lord with them!

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  1. I will keep these little Babies in my prayers!!
    God Knows what they need! We just need to pray for God to Bless them and keep them protected!