Monday, August 17, 2009

Podee Bottle review and giveaway

Ahh, the joys of trying to feed two mouths at once. I know ever twin parent can understand the joys that come out of this endeavor. Either you figure out a schedule where each baby eats at different times (which is a pain in the arse all by itself), or you figure out how to feed two babies at once!

When Colton on Connor were bottle drinkers I was also breast feeding. So one baby got bottle and one got boob. Even with this it was a work out. I ended up on the floor with one propped up in a boppy and a blanket propping the bottle. Did I mention how fun this was? And then Debi told me all about the Podee bottle! I immediately went and hunted a couple down, and fell in instant love. Not only did it help me with feeding time at home, but it also helped with feeding while on the road, out shopping, or just out on a walk.

The Podee bottle has this great design. It is a regular bottle with a special "straw" inside of it that allows the nipple to be in the babies mouth while the bottle next to the baby. When the baby sucks on the nipple it draws the milk from the bottle into the straw and then into the nipple.

Some common questions and answers regarding the Podee bottle (from the website):
1. What is the appropriate age to start using the Podee® Baby Bottle?
The principal purpose in using the Podee® Baby Bottle is to help reduce colic, ear infections, and reflux. This is accomplished when the baby uses the bottle in an upright or semi-upright position. Hence, it is best to use this bottle when the baby is able to sit in an upright or semi-upright position.

2. How do we clean the Podee® Baby Bottle parts?
You can wash all parts with mild soap and warm water. Inside of the tubes can be cleaned with a tube cleaning brush. If you prefer, you can sterilize all the parts in boiling water.

3. Are other nipples of different brands compatible with Podee® bottle?
We strongly recommend using nipples made by PODEE®. Other brand nipples are designed to work only with ordinary baby feeding bottles while nipples made by Podee® are designed to work only with Podee® Baby Bottle. Using nipples other than Podee® brand will cause the Podee® Baby Bottle not to work properly.

4. What is the bottle part made of?
The new Podee baby bottle is made of BPA-Free material. If you are looking for FDA-Approved polycarbonate Podee baby bottle, there are still few remaining in the market.

Since you feed the baby in an upright position opposed to leaning back, it reduces ear infections, colic, and gas. I loved my Podee bottles and definitely would say that they were a product that I couldn't have lived without that first year of twindom.

It took the boys a couple of times using the bottles before they really got the hang of them. But once they did, they never had a problem with them after that. They used them till they could hold their own bottles at around 5-6 months. Then I passed them to my SIL for her singleton.

The time and energy the Podee bottles saved me was well worth it! I could comfortably go off somewhere and give the boys their bottles in the stroller without having to worry about propping them up with something. I could feed them at home and know that I wouldn't be constantly having to rearrange the props of whomever was getting the bottle that time. Definitely a mom approved item!
Want to buy podee bottles for yourself or someone else you know that is having twins? Well you can visit HERE to find an online retailer of Podee bottles! But WAIT!!!! Podee has graciously offered up one twin-pack of Podee bottles for one lucky parent! All you have to do to enter is visit Podee and name one store where you can buy the sytem at!
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