Friday, August 7, 2009

Life in the fast to get individual time

Or maybe it is more the slow lane. Which ever way it is, I know with the boys I feel like one is always going 90 to nothing and the other just wants down-time. So how do you manage to make both feel as if they are getting what they need? Seriously how do you do it, cuz I feel like I may explode on days like that! LOL One wants you to spend time buiding a fort. The other wants you to spend time running around like a dinosaur.

The only tips I can really say from exerience is that each child (no matter whether you have 1 or more) needs their own mommy/daddy time. With multiples it is even more important to give them that individual one on one time. But how do you manage to do it without breaking the bank, or without feeling like you are not giving equally?

Go outside! Yep, take one child outside and blow bubbles, run around like a mad person, whatever will give you that bonding time that both of you need desperately. I know this sounds easier said then done. Especially when the other child(ren) try to follow you out. But do it when dad is there, or someone else, to keep them occupied.

Bake together! Yes, even if you have little boys you can still bake together. Mix up a batch of cookies, and let them pour everything into the bowl. Bake a cake and let them help frost it. I know you are thinking of the huge mess that could possibly happen, but think about the fun you'll have sneaking choco chips with your little one. Or the sheer joy on their face when they get to frost the cake any color they want.

Read a book! Go to their room, close the door, and sit down with a book. Kids love having books read. They love the silly voices parents do. And the time is both educational and fun!

Go to the park! Pick a Saturday or Sunday and rotate between the kids, and take a trip to the park. Pack a lunch or snack, water bottles, and a bucket. Then head out. Spend time on the swings. Look like an idiot and slide down the kiddie slide. This really is so much fun, and such a simple way of making time.

Do you have any tips? I'm always interested in hearing tips to make things happen, so please share away! And then go find something you and your little one can do together. Maybe a super messy art project outside?!

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