Monday, August 17, 2009

Philosophy giveaway

As man of you know pediatric cancer research is a cause very close to my heart. When I was found out about whatPhilosophy is doing to help, I immediately asked to be involved. Philosophy has teamed up with Cookies for Kid's Cancer to help raise money for pediatric cancer research.

Cookies For Kid's Cancer is a great site that give you a way to donate, find events to buy cookies, and even host your own bake sale! What better yummy way is there to raise money?! We all love cookies, and we all want to help irradicate a senseless disease. If you think you don't care..visit HERE and then tell me you didn't feel something! Children are dying EVERY SINGLE DAY because our government will not put in the neccessary funds to help find cures for some of the most deadly diseases. Often times they state that the cancer is too "rare". Like Neuroblastoma. Only 25% of children diagnosed with NB survive! And it gets NO FUNDING from cancer research funds. As it is only 7% of cancer research funds are earmarked for pediatic cancer research. Are the babies dying, families being devastated, and hearts being wrenched out not important enough?! Seriously people start sending letters to your goverment officials letting them know that no matter how "rare" the cancer it still deserves to have a cure! Okay I got off topic!

Info on Pediatric cancer for you to chew over:
· Cancer remains the number one disease that claims the lives of our children. Each year cancer kills more children under the age of 18 than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined.
· Pediatric cancer is referred to as an “orphan disease” because there is little or no profit to be made by the pharmaceutical companies and the reason why they ignore pediatric cancers for the most part.
· The government has paid little attention to pediatric cancer research and it has been grossly under funded.
· Each year in the U.S., nearly 13,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. That’s the equivalent of two average size classrooms diagnosed each school day.
· Today about 75% of children diagnosed with cancer become long-term survivors yet in the U.S. cancer remains the leading cause of death from one year through adolescence; more than any other disease. In the early 1950s, less than 10 percent of childhood cancer patients could be cured, proof that research can and is making a difference.
· The genetic origins of human cancer manifested by the discovery of cancer causing oncogenes and mutated tumor suppressor genes were first discovered in uniquely pediatric cancers.
· Historically, some of the most basic and essential treatment strategies now employed in the fight against cancer – such as multi-agent chemotherapy and combined modality therapy – were developed through pediatric cancer research.
· Pediatric cancer research continues to add immense value to the science of oncology, unlocking the secrets of this terrible disease.
· Leukemia’s, tumors of the brain and nervous system, the lymphatic system, kidneys, bones and muscles are the most common childhood cancers.
· In the U.S., Combined, the cancers of children, adolescents and young adults to age 20 are the sixth most common cancer in the U.S.
· Breakthroughs in pediatric oncology will undoubtedly continue to progress the diagnosis and treatment of adult cancers. Many of the principles in therapy used today in treating adults were first developed and tested for children.
· During the last ten years, more than 32,000 children with cancer have been enrolled into 138 different completed clinical trials.
· Only two to three percent of adults with cancer are enrolled in clinical research trials, whereas the majority of children diagnosed are enrolled.
· Recent reports indicate that nearly two-thirds of childhood cancer survivors experience significant medical problems resulting from their original cancer and/or its treatment.

All you have to do to help is buy some cookies or bake some cookies and sell them, then donate the proceeds to Cookies For Kid's Cancer. It is that easy!

I guess I should tell you a bit about the wonderful sponsor Philosophy that has gotten involved with Cookies For Kid's Cancer.
From August 15th – October 15th philosophy will be donating 100% of the net proceeds of their oatmeal raisin high foaming shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath to Cookies for Kids’ Cancer -- an organization created to raise awareness of and funds to support research for new and improved therapies for pediatric cancer through the concept of hosting local bake sales.

philosophy will also be hosting two bake sales of their own at their Arizona store locations, and wanted ask your help in getting your readers to do the same for a really great cause. Cancer remains the number one disease that claims the lives of our children. Each year cancer kills more children under the age of 18 than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined.

The Cookies for Kids’ Cancer website ( makes it easy for anyone that wants to get involved in the fight against pediatric cancer by detailing the 4 easy steps your readers will need to throw a bake sale for this cause (planning, details, bake and sell!).

And, all you non bakers can help as well by picking up the oatmeal raisin high foaming shampoo, shower gel and bubble bath benefiting Cookies for Kids’ Cancer on

And because Philosophy is so awesome they are giving 3 lucky readers a bottle of their Oatmeal Raisin 3-1 body wash, bubble bath, shower gel! All you have to do to enter is donte $1.00 to Cookies for Kid's Cancer! That is the ONLY entry I am offering. As I have said many many times every dollar helps! Please leave a separate comment for each entry though! You can donate in three ways. And each way you donate is one entry.
1)Donate money HERE
2)Buy some cookies HERE
3)Buy a bottle of Oatmeal Raisin 3-1 HERE

Giveaway will end on September 1st at 11:59 pm. Open to US only!

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