Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Yes, I had to write one controversial post. Watch out there will probably be more!

When it comes to discipling your children, do you ever feel like everyone in the world is judging you based on that one action? Take the recent photo of Kate Gosseling spanking one of her children. I know they wanted shock value, and probably got it. Oh, I am sure a whole hornets nest was stirred up over it. With spanking being so taboo and all. I am not a Jon & Kate fan, I think they are using their children to line their own pockets and get amazing things from people, but that picture didn't get the shock value out of me that I am sure other people exhibited. See, I spank my kids. Yes, I do. Call whoever you want. Stop reading this blog. It won't change anything. But don't jump off the boat to the deepest end possible. I said spank,not beat. BIG difference.

I do yelling, time out, sitting in the bedroom by their selves, and then spanking. It is a last resort, but it is a resort. I was raised with getting a paddle (a ping pong paddle with holes drilled in it for maximum effect) on my rear when I lied, disobeyed, or was a smart mouth to my parents. I never ever saw it as a beating. I saw it as punishment. And as much as it hurt, I knew I had deserved to get in trouble. No, I don't have a ping pong paddle in my home. I don't beat them black and blue. I simply spank them.

The point I am trying to get at, is every parent has their own way to discipline their children. Just because you do it a different way, doesn't make the other person wrong. It just makes their choices different from yours. Don't judge a person based on one aspect (or one photo), judge the whole person. Be sure to know whether what you are seeing is someone beating their child, or if it is your politically correct thinking going "Oh my God! She is beating her child!" I know some would argue that violence begets violence, and therefore spanking my boys and girls will teach them that they can hit others. I don't believe that. They know what they are getting a spanking over. But as for violence begetting violence...I think there are worse things out there teaching our kids to be violent than parents disciplining them

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  1. I think this might make me read your blog even more *grin*

    Great post. I spank my kids as well. I hate it, but every once in a while it seems to be necessary.