Thursday, August 6, 2009

Guest Poster Thursdays...Leslie Loves Veggies

I love hearing other's stories and tips. It intrigues the pee out of me. So on Thursday's you will find a guest poster around these here parts. Whether they be twin, twin mommy/daddy, twin grandma, twin whatever I'll wrangle them up and let them do the talking (errr typing).
This weeks guest post is written by Leslie M. You can visit her blog Leslie Loves Veggies just as soon as you read her post! LOL
Best Friends, Worst enemies...the Life of a Twin!

Twin A. That is me!

Love it. Hate it.

Never thought alot about it!

I cannot imagine my life without Twin B! My womb mate!

I can't speak for All twins; I can only speak for me and my Twin!

So here we go!

It is the BEST and it is the WORST!

Best: I was never lonely, I had a built in Best Friend!

Worst: I had to share a strawberry shortcake Butter cream frosting Birthday cake with my Twin for 18 years!! I wanted my OWN Chocolate Whipped Cream frosting cake!

Best: No first day Jitters at school! Ha I had my Twin by my side! Even though we never had a Class together, I had nothing to fear! I had my Sissy by my side!

Worst: All the other kids had Gumby and Pokey! I wanted both too! I got Pokey Darn it! We had to SHARE every single toy we had! So NOT fair, just because we were twins!

Best: Didn't have to be afraid of the Dark! No Siree Bob! Twin Sissy and I Shared that Big old Bed together and how could a monster get me? He would surely go for HER first! So *I* was safe! Besides I would hear her scream when the monster came through the door and I would protect both of us! (That is how a twin thinks, no lie)

Worst: I must have had insomnia even as a kid. Poor Sissy (ya know my Sister's name is Helen, not Sissy Right?) would try to sleep and I would want to play, so I would put my hand under her pillow and jiggle it to keep her awake! She would beg me to stop! "Please stop Sissy!" Would I? Heck no! If I did she would go to sleep and my fun would be OVER!

Best: It was Helen who introduced me to my Hubby! I DID NOT WANT HIM! I figured he was HER CAST off! She tried to get me to meet him for 2 years. I canceled....Stood him up at least half a dozen times. I figured if he was so great, she would keep him for herself! But she insisted he was the MAN for me! Well, 28 years later and Sissy KNEW BEST!

Worst: Hearing "I told you so". Shut up Already! We have been married for 25 years! YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! ENOUGH!

Best: Our family moved to Georgia from New York 11 years ago! I did NOT want to leave my TWIN! We lived 2 miles apart Sissy cried, I cried and we made the Hubbies miserable. Finally Helen told her Hubby "We have to move to GA....You can't separate Twins, they die! They arrived in GA 6 months later! Ha! Victory!

There is NO worst! I cannot imagine my Life without Helen! I Love her and Thank God for her every single day of my life! Helen lives 2 miles away! That's how it should be!

The Twins are Happy!

The Hubbies are Happy!

*Thank you Leslie for being the first guest poster, and giving us a new way of thinking about twins. *


  1. I am a Leslie fan and this was a fun post !
    I have twin boys and all you say is true ! It is a very special and complicated relationship and being too far apart is painful to most twins. Mine are grown up but still have issues and complete and undeniable love for each other.

  2. I'm a Leslie fan too!! She's a fantastic lady!! Leslie, I LOVED hearing all about you being a twin-Such a cute are a good writer/story teller!!:)

    haha@womb mate!!! loved it!

    I'm so happy Helen aka Sissy is in GA with you...Kudos on your guest post!!

  3. Ahhhh I love that you guys are so sweet!!
    Thanks for being so nice to me when I do NOT deserve it! (yeah I really do NOT!) and thanks to Twin Tested Mom Approved for letting me Guest Post... now where is my $500 fee you promised me.. or was it a piece of chocolate cake? haha

    PS....ya pay peanuts. ya get monkeys! hahaha

  4. Leslie,

    I couldn't have asked for a better opener for Guest Poster Thursdays. I also couldn't ask for a better friend! Hugs!

  5. That is so neat Leslie! We need to see a picture of you guys! =)

    btw, I'm a twin too, but she passed away shortly after birth, we were 3 mos premature.

  6. Oh Rachelle, I didn't know that! YOU R a Twin!
    there are Pictures of us on my Blog under Family!
    NOT so cute i might add!