Monday, July 27, 2009

What's for lunch?

Feeding twins can be at times a bit crazy. Especially if you have super picky twins, or twins that won't eat what the other is eating. I got lucky enough to have twins that will eat ANYTHING, so I don't face these particular problems. But if you advice, and the advice of other moms who do face this problem, is to look for brands that offer a variety of items. Things like Chef Boyardee and Kids Kitchen microwavable meals are one of my turn to's for quick lunches. You also have Gerber Graduates little meals that are excellent for when they are smaller. A little pricey, especially when you add in the fact that you are buying two of each. But as for nutrition Gerber Graduates is great.

When doing sammies, it is easy to make sureeach one gets one just as they like it. Keep a variety of ham, turkey, and bolonga in the fridge. Then you are sure to be able to make whatever combo your little one will like.

The boys really like Chef Boyadee's Chicken and Rice with Veggies in the microwavable can. It is the perfect size for them to have as lunch. When they have the spaghetti or ravioli ones I do give them a small salad with it, but like I said, they will eat anything.

The price of the individual microwave meals is usually around $1 a piece. So this makes for an affordable, quick, easy lunch. Right up my alley!

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