Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shoe shopping

Shoes are one of those things that kids go through so fast you would think that they have this little button on them that says"Okay time for shoes to expire". With twins you are stuck with having to buy two pairs of shoes instead of one. Well, if you have boys like mine. Who until this past shoe buying excursion have stayed the same size, now Connor has monster fat feet, and Colton just has monster feet. Buying shoes can get pricey. Especially if you are going to buy high end shoes in matching colors. And when they are not on sale. Been there done that. But see, kids are so rough on their shoes that really why do we spend that amount of money on something they are going to disenegrate? If you really must have the expensive shoes, save them for outings. For play shoes though, head to Payless! Yes, you heard me. Payless. You can get the most adorable shoes for the best prices. Especially if you catch it during a BOGO event! Payless's shoes are rather durable also. My boys last pair from there still look almost brand new, and I have some ROUGH boys.

Another good store is The Shoe Dept. They tend to have good sales and have their name brand shoes for about half of what you would pay in the big name department stores. I always head straight to the clearance aisle and see what they have. If you must go to the department stores. Head to Sears. With the Kidvantage program, you really cannot go wrong.

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