Monday, July 20, 2009

Potty Time

*This is a repost from What's One More? I originally wrote it for over there, but thought the fact that I am potty training twin, I might should post it here also.*
You would think that after doing this three other times I would be a pro at the dreaded potty training. But see in my defense I was doing one at a time with the other three. And two of them were girls that were so easy I could've done it blind folded! With Connor and Colton, I have been "introducing" them to the idea of the potty. Bought a nifty little potty (for $1 at the 99 cent store! and yes it's a real potty), started letting them sit on it, put them in under-roos, you know all the normal do's of potty training. Now as they get closer to 3 I want to really get into this. So I thought I would share with you some of the tips I have been getting from other moms of twins or more and some things I have figured out through trial and error.

Watch and listen for clues that your little one is ready to start on the road to potty training! Things like sleeping through nap without wetting, pulling at the diaper when they pee, verbally trying to tell you that they have peed or pooped. Your little one or ones are your best gauge to when to start potty training.
Always have a treat for doing a good job going potty. Now please don't think I am comparing my kids or yours to dogs, I am just throwing this out there. When you train an do you get it to do what you want? You reward it with a treat for following through. With potty training you can implement the same thing. When they see that they will get a sticker or piece of candy like an M&M, our personal favorite, the little one will start to go just to get the treat!

Make it fun! That is right, make it fun. Make up your own potty song, potty dance, or whatever. Just make it fun! We have a silly song that ends with a high five for a job well done. And of course you know I am gonna share it! LOL
"Connor went potty! Connor went potty!
Connor went pee-pee in the potty!
Yes, these little round circles that we all know and love are key to training the stander-uppers. I have always started out with sitting down, I think that once they get the idea of going then you start on standing, but either way, you want the little dude to ring the where he is aiming. Put a cheerio in the potty and let him try to hit the target! It goes back to making it fun!

Now that you have the best tips I know of for the getting to go, how bout if you have multiples and it is stressful trying to get them both to go. You can tell they are ready, they just don't go. Well, one thing I picked up from "Chicken Soup for the Soul: Twins and More" was competition! That is right. Work with one. When the other(s) see the attention and the rewards racking up then they will start also. They will all want the attention that their brother/sister is getting. This is what I am going through with Connor and Colton. Connor is eager to get up in the morn and put his under-roos on. Eager to sit on the potty. Eager for the potty song. Colton, not so much. He likes wearing the under-roos, likes the potty song, but isn't to keen to actually use the potty! So I am going to keep working on my boys and let me know how your adventure in potty land goes!

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