Wednesday, September 2, 2009

To dress alike or not to dress alike?

That is the question of the day. I am wondering how many twin parents dress their twins alike. Matchy-matchy or same clothes different colors kind of thing. Or are you more of the "No way in h*ll will I dress my kids alike"? See I fall in the middle. While I LOVE seeing the boys in adorable matching outfits, I also know that if I dress them differently I will get two things-1) They are identical so it is soooo much easier to know who I am talking to if they are wearing different clothing, and 2) They are gettig a chance to express their own personalities.

I swore when I was pregnant with Connor and Colton, that I would NEVER dress them alike. Then my SIL bought the boys matching outfits for their hospital pics. I was hooked. Didn't even fight the hook at all, just got reeled right on in. (Can you tell I have been playing Fishing Master on Wii?) I switched to the "Until they can tell me whether they want to wear it or not, they will dress like I say!" I stuck by that too. The moment one said "Not wanna" to a shirt or pair of pants, we went to letting them have options.

I did an experiment with them when they were around 15-16 months old. I let them pick their own clothes out. I would bring in two outfits. I let them choose which they wanted to wear. Everyday that week they wanted to wear the same outfit! I repeated this experiment last week (in anticipation of this post), and they picked differently each time.

I feel confident knowing that my boys are ever growing and developing, and that I am a mom am doing something right. At least for now. LOL So now I also feel confident that no matter whether the boys dress matchy-matchy or completely different-they will always be alike and different at the same time. Okay that has nothing to do with dressing alike,a nd it is a post for another day!

What camp do you fall into? I want to know people! What are your thoughts on matching or not?


  1. NO!! We need our own identity! We are individuals! It makes us feel like a salt and pepper shaker set! Don't do this to Twins! And if you just Can't resist matching outfits, buy them in different colors and have them wear them on different days! OH and also Don't call they kids, "The Twins" ugggg!
    I LOVE my Twin!!!

  2. I always find myself referring to the boys as "the twins" and then I cringe a bit inwardly. It is just so easy. I also call them "the C's", but mainly I call them Con and Colt.

  3. I said I wasn't going to dress my twins alike, but I got a lot of matching clothes for showers and I LOVE IT! They are so cute! I don't intend on doing it forever, but they are 7 weeks old now so I think it's totally fine! I plan on letting them pick their own outfits out when they get older.